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Sustainability Statement

Sustainability Policy

Premier Fixtures is committed to operating in a manner that integrates environmental, health, and safety (EHS) matters into all its day-to-day business activities. We do so by:

  • Committing to comply with all applicable EHS and labor regulations. We will implement programs and procedures to assure ongoing compliance.
  • Continuously seeking opportunities, beyond regulatory compliance, to incorporate pollution prevention and other activities to enhance our sustainability development. We will regularly measure our progress, reviewing and documenting our efforts twice every year.
  • Continuing the implementation of our established accident prevention program. This is specifically designed to prevent activities that pose a threat to human health and safety, and the environment. Because we consider the prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses to be of premiere importance, employee health and safety is given a top priority. As a result, Premier Fixtures is committed to utilizing the latest "clean and safety" technologies/procedures within our facility.
  • Striving to minimize releases to the atmosphere by finding ways to reduce our VOC emissions. Our goal is to substantially decrease the amount and toxicity of waste generated, while ensuring its safe, effective treatment and disposal.
  • Carefully managing scarce resources such as water, energy, and land in an environmentally-sensitive manner.
  • Communicating our commitment to sustainability, as well as our sustainability performance, to employees, vendors, customers, and community. We will solicit their input in the effort to meet our goals, and in turn will offer assistance in achieving theirs.

Environmental Management (Green) Statement

Reuse and recycling are the most efficient and beneficial "green" practices available today. Premier Fixtures strives to reuse and recycle materials whenever possible, both within our facility and with the products and services we offer our customers.

Our future depends on being green. We recognize the direct impact our everyday business decisions have on the environment, the economy, and society. It involves more than just using green components to create biodegradable products...the solution to the problem of creating landfills lies not only with the vendor, but with the customer as well. Recycling on a mass scale only works when it's easy for the customer and economical for the recycler. For example, plastic recycling was not common long ago, but now is part of our everyday lives both at work and in our homes. As more people join us in our efforts to be green, more green products are becoming a reality. Some materials necessary to manufacture the products we sell pose some limited risks if improperly used or disposed of, and cannot be directly recycled. Therefore, they must be carefully managed prior to disposal, a practice we diligently enforce to ensure compliance. Premier Fixtures is proud of its record of generating the smallest amount of waste by-products possible.

Transportation costs (fuel use), manufacturing processes, and the energy consumed in making products all contribute to the ecological cost and carbon footprint of each product we make. We are looking to take our green initiative to the next level by evaluating both these factors and working on ways to reduce them even further.

Our People

Premier Fixtures believes in the dignity and importance of the individual employee, and his or her right to derive personal satisfaction from the job. The prevention of occupational injuries and illness is a critical factor in employee job satisfaction. This philosophy led to the establishment of our accident prevention program that emphasizes the integration of safety and health measures into each job task so that safety/health and job performance become inseparable. This is accomplished through the cooperative efforts of managers, supervisors, and employees striving to realize the lowest possible industrial accident rates.

Clear List Of Sustainable Materials And Their Attributes

  • CARB compliant MDF, Plywood, and particle boards
  • Post-consumer content MDF
  • Post-consumer content metals
  • Paper stone
  • Masonite (Ultros-Renu)
  • Wheat board
  • Sunflower Board
  • Eco-Plast
    (a biodegradable PVC sintra)
  • UV powder coating
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